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Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Watch Full HD Video

Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Watch Full HD Video

Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Watch Full HD Video, Zindagi Ki Mehek 17th February 2017 Episode Video On Zee Tv. Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Full Episode Video Drama. Zindagi Ki Mehak. 171717175 likes · 201717 talking about this on Facebook, Zindagi ki Mehek is the story of a young and positive girl, Zindagi Ki Mehek – February 17, 2017 – Full Episode. Serial:Zindagi Ki Mehek Today Episode 17 February 2017, Video watch online Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Full Episode of Zee Tv drama serial, Zindagi Ki Mehek Complete show episodes by Zee Tv. Mehak Zindagi Ki – 17 February 2017, Watch Latest Episode of Mehek Zindagi ki on

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Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017 Online

Zindagi Ki Mehek 17 February 2017

The tale of the show will delineate the adventure of a home maker. It is additionally in view of the romantic tale of Mahek Sharma and Shaurya Khanna(Karan Vohra)who experience their lives in various ways. Shaurya is rich and well off restaurateur while Mahek is white collar class young lady. Cooking is her leisure activity and enthusiasm which is acquired into by her dead mother. Everybody is enamored with her nourishment. She is made a request to take an interest in an opposition, India Super Cook rivalry by her family to awe her potential would be in laws. This opposition is adventitiously judged by Shaurya Khanna. Unconscious of each other, they had as of now met on a long range informal communication site under various names. While Shaurya despises white collar class conduct, Mahek is as minding. As the opposition begins, Shaurya right away abhors and judges Mahek for being a working class young lady. He is discourteous to her in any case, Mahek strikes back by offending him. Shaurya gets irate as nobody had addressed him in such brutal conduct yet he arranges retaliate for his affront. His initial move towards the requital is getting Mahek’s uncle bolted up. Mahek understands that this disaster is plotted by Shaurya. She asks for Shaurya for her uncle’s flexibility yet Shaurya has condition that is to hit the dance floor with him. Mahek is left with no decision however to acknowledge.

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